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We are Growing!

SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick is happy to announce the purchase of a new franchise, SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland.  We are excited to continue to grow and make it "Like it never even happened."

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Storm Restoration and Clean up

SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded to this home after a severe storm hit the area. Our team responded immediately and effectively to make it "Like it never even happened."

Have You Checked Your Sunroom for Mold?

If you look closely, you can see the trim and windowsills in this Bath, ME sunroom were affected by microbial growth from the warm, moist environment. With proper mitigation and remediation, this room was safely restored and made to look "Like it never even happened."

The Effects of Moisture Problems

Attics are very susceptible to mold/mildew, or microbial growth, due to lack of proper ventilation and high humidity. Moisture problems can develop quickly in these spaces as they are frequented less often, and allow time and lack of disturbance for a good growing environment.

Attic Cleaning

High moisture in an attic often results in microbial growth. This attic’s roof sheathing, or the internal side of a roof, was affected from old shingles no longer preventing water from seeping through, and a lack of proper ventilation in the attic. By using specially formulated SERVPRO products, this sheathing was restored with very minimal mold staining.

Restoration vs Replacement

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick was unable to restore this carpet after water damage had set in. The water was left for too long for it to be restored. SERVPRO removed this carpet and the baseboards to start the drying process.

Is Your Crawlspace Mold Free?

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick can get even the hardest to reach places free of mold. Our highly trained mold damage restoration professionals can guarantee all of the mold in your crawlspace is treated safely and efficiently.

Guest Bedroom Storm Damage

After Hurricane Irma hit the Florida area, significant storm and water damage left homes in need of repair.  SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded to assist in the storm clean up.