Water Damage Photo Gallery

entry way hardwood and staircase

Post Mitigation Entry Hardwoods

This hardwood flooring entry way suffered from a water loss. SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded quickly to begin clean up to avoid further damages to the wood.  Flooring was dried properly and covered to prevent damages during reconstruction.

exposed wood on ceiling

Storm Ceiling Damage

After a storm, multiple rooms of this commercial property suffered from storm and water damage. SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded to begin water mitigation. The drywall from the ceiling was removed to help with drying process and to prevent secondary damages. 

Ice Dam

A wall and ceiling affected by water intrusion from an ice dam was mitigated with special drying equipment. By controlling the environment with customized containment, only a portion of the room needed material removal.

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded quickly to find water damage in this commercial building.  The technicians were able to quickly use a truck mounted extractor to remove the water and prevent secondary damages. 

Hallway Water Damage

After extracting the water from this hallway that suffered from a water loss, SERVPRO placed air movers and dehumidifiers to dry quickly and effectively. When placing them strategically the water and drying process will go smoothly. 

Family Room Water Loss

This family room suffered from a water loss after the door seal had failed leaking onto laminate flooring. The flooring was removed and dried properly returning the home back to normal conditions. 

Entry Water Damage

It takes special drying techniques to save hardwood flooring sometimes. This hardwood flooring was saved with an injectidry, which safely pulls moisture through flooring layers to allow for an even drying.

Basement Water Loss and Cleanup

This basement suffered from a water loss after a storm.  The drywall was removed, snout air mover was placed towards the inside of the wall to properly dry from the inside out.