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4 Steps To Complete Before the Insurance Adjuster Arrives

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Technician is inspecting something Is water damage present in your home? Call SERVPRO for all your restoration needs. Our crew is always available to take your call and answer.

Before The Insurance Adjuster Arrives, Follow These 4 Steps

If your home has suffered from water damage, take the following steps to prepare for the home adjuster. When you complete these steps before the insurance adjuster arrives, the damage on your property can be repaired or corrected as soon as possible. Speed up the process by getting as much paperwork out of the way as possible:

  • Proof of loss forms
  • Insurance policy reports
  • Estimates from authorized professionals

In addition to tackling paperwork, be sure to complete the next steps as quickly as possible.

One: Contact Your Insurance Provider

It's vital that your insurance company can contact you, especially if you have had to evacuate your home. Have your policy number, phone number, property address, and alternate phone numbers handy. If it's possible to meet the adjuster at your home, you may find it easier to communicate clearly.

Two: Secure Your Property

Before the adjuster arrives, and before you evacuate if it is possible to do so safely, protect your property. Be aware that water damage can affect the construction of your home, leaving it unsafe to re-enter the building. When this is the case, contact a water damage repair and remediation professional to provide these services.

Three: Take Pictures of Damages

You will be completing a lot of paperwork regarding the damages throughout your home but taking photographs or a video is a good way to provide proof of your claims. Remember not to remove any items until the home adjuster has provided an okay.

Four: Keep Information Organized

Put together a safe place to store contact information, insurance claim reference numbers, receipts, photographs, and every other document regarding the damaged property and repairs. This will also include checks from the insurance company. You may expect up to three separate checks: structure damage payment, personal belongings loss reimbursement, and money for additional living expenses.

When water damages have affected your Topsham, ME, home, work closely with the home adjuster to resolve the issue. Work through these four steps and maintain open communication for the best results.

Your Responsibilities as a Landlord After a Fire

6/16/2022 (Permalink)

A room with soot and fire damage Fire damage restoration and cleanup are no problem for SERVPRO! If you've experienced a fire in your home, call the right company!

After A Fire, What Are Your Landlord's Responsibilities?

Landlords are responsible for providing a safe, livable space for their tenants. There are several things you need to do to facilitate the restoration of your property in Bath, ME if it is damaged in an apartment fire.

Open Lines of Communication

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to make sure that the damage done to the structure is fixed so that it is habitable again. It is also important to stay committed to and informed about the process so that you can pass pertinent information on to your tenants. Make sure to establish and maintain contact with the following immediately after fire damage:

  • Fire officers
  • A fire remediation company
  • Your insurance agent

The fire officer can let you know when the building is safe to enter to start repairs and may give you an idea of what repairs are needed.

Restoration specialists can give you a more detailed, itemized list of tasks they must complete to mitigate the fire damage in your building and how much the full process is likely to cost.

Your insurance agent can send an adjuster to document the scene and get work on your claim started so that you are able to cover the cost of repairs.

Encourage Renters' Insurance

If you have good insurance, the damage the apartment fire causes to the structure and the plumbing and electrical systems within it are likely to be covered by your policy. Your tenants' belongings, however, are not. Once disaster strikes, it's too late for them to think about protecting their personal property. When tenants sign their leases, encourage them to obtain renters' insurance. This type of policy can cover not only items damaged in a fire but also may provide the money they need to secure temporary housing while repairs are being made.

No matter how well you maintain your property, an apartment fire may still occur. By keeping up with your responsibilities and keeping tenants informed about theirs, however, you may be able to get the property restored more quickly.

What To Do When a Storm Cancels Your Flight

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

Canceled flight board A canceled flight as a result of a severe weather occurrence may compel you to rethink your plans.

What to Do If Your Flight Is Cancelled Due to a Storm

A hurricane, blizzard or tornado could affect your life in many ways. A storm may damage your Brunswick, ME, home, necessitating emergency restoration services. A severe weather event may also lead to a canceled flight that forces you to change your plans.

Traveling can be difficult even in the best of circumstances. A flight cancellation only makes things worse. Yet there is no need to panic. Here are some storm tips to help you deal with the situation.

1. Act Quickly

Once the news of the cancellation is announced, all of the passengers on your flight will be scrambling to make new plans. You should thus head right to the customer service desk for your airline and get as close to the front of the line as possible.

2. Call the Airline After You Hear About the Canceled Flight

At the same time, you should contact your airline's call center. You may get through to a representative more quickly over the phone than in person. Domestic airline numbers often have lengthy wait times, particularly when there is a cancellation. Instead, try the airline's Canadian phone number. A Canadian agent will still be able to help you rebook your flight.

3. Do Your Research

Some airlines offer customers a hotel voucher if their flight is canceled. Research the airline's policies to see if you are entitled to any accommodations.

You should also look up the policies for your credit card company. It may also offer reimbursements for hotel and food costs related to a flight cancellation.

4. Head to the Airport Lounge
If you do not want to drive around searching for a hotel, you can also stay in the airport lounge while you wait for your new flight. Most airports provide lounges where you can shower, rest and charge your phone for a small fee.

These suggestions should make your next canceled flight a bit less stressful. You should be able to get a new flight fairly quickly so you can still make the most of your trip.

How To File a Sewage Backup Claim

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

Blue ballpoint pen, two antique brass keys and a home insurance claim from on a plywood clipboard Evidence remains vital to your claim's success. Snap photographs of the impacted room, showing water damage and destroyed valuables.

How To Make A Claim For Sewage Backup

Flooding, clogs and breaches within the drainage line can lead to a sewer backup within the home. When this event occurs, owners in Woolwich, ME, face a lot of cleanup and potentially expensive bills. Insurance may help with the financial costs of the restoration. If you're interested in filing a claim, complete the following steps.

1. Contact Your Insurer Right Away

When your toilet starts overflowing, leaving the floors and walls sopping wet, you don't want to wait days to notify your agent. Once the problem is identified, pick up the phone or initiate a claim online. Be clear about when the trouble started.
Check to see that your plan covers this situation. If the main break isn't included, continue talking to your agent about seeking assistance with secondary water damage.

2. Fix the Source of the Sewer Backup

Have a sewage restoration team assess the home and determine why this situation occurred. They should also begin remediation of the room to mitigate other potential problems such as mold and microbial growth. This gesture shows the agency your good intentions of maintaining the property and reducing the chance of future complications.

3. Take Pictures of Everything

Evidence remains vital to your claim's success. Snap photographs of the impacted room, showing water damage and destroyed valuables. Even take images of the crew as they tackle cleanup, demonstrating efforts to get things corrected. Submit everything to your insurer right away.

4. Follow Through With Updates

Speak with your home insurance agent about any questions or concerns you may have. They may send an adjuster to the scene and walk with the professional to explain the incident. In addition, read up on your policy so you can reference information such as your deductible and the maximum coverage amount and any clauses that may apply.

A sewer backup leaves owners in Woolwich, ME, with an expensive mess. Insurance may offer help. Make a call right away, begin remediation and document the stages.

3 Strategies That Could Stop a Business Fire

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Warehouse Fire Inside A company should make sure workers know how to use and locate safety equipment such as fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

Three Strategies For Putting Out A Business Fire

Business owners and managers in Bath, ME, should spend at least some time, energy and money on fire prevention strategies. The payoff can be quite large, especially if a potentially damaging fire is stopped or minimized. A couple of strategies can be implemented without high costs and the third option is among the most effective methods a company can use to stop a business fire.

1. Educate Employees

A company should make sure workers know how to use and locate safety equipment such as fire alarms and fire extinguishers. A designated safety officer can take the lead on fire-related issues, from determining the best types of extinguishers to buy for reducing fire damage to organizing fire safety training for all personnel. At the minimum, employees should know who to call in case of a fire, where to evacuate for safety and how to contact a local fire restoration company for professional fire cleanup.

2. Develop a Sound Fire Prevention Plan

Companies often have a legal responsibility to prepare and print a plan to limit fires. OSHA regulations require a written plan to be in place (and available to employees) in any business with more than 10 employees. The plan should cover critical information such as a list of all fuel hazards on site, potential ignition sources and their control, the names and duties of key safety personnel and the maintenance plan for all critical fire safety equipment.

3. Install a Sprinkler System

While installing automatic fire sprinklers in a facility is not cheap, it can quickly stop a fire before it gets out of control. Sprinklers have the capacity to extinguish fires even when no one is present in the building, turning a potentially catastrophic situation into a manageable one.

Fire prevention is vital to the success of a business. Each company should consider the best methods for its unique situation.

Tax Breaks During Natural Disasters

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

Closeup on businessman holding a card with text TAX DEDUCTIBLE Most weather-related damage to your business is tax deductible. The damage must be the direct result of flood, earthquake, or similar event.

Tax Relief In The Event Of A Natural Disaster

If your business in Brunswick, ME, was recently affected by storm damage, you may have recourse to a few different federal compensation methods. This financial recovery is usually available independently of your insurance status. Read on to discover if these benefits apply to you.

1. What Counts?

Most weather-related damage to your business is tax deductible. This means that the cost of repairs can be subtracted from the federal taxes that you owe. This is one of many ways the government offers assistance to get local businesses running again, which in turn leads to economic recovery. Note that simple accidents, wear and tear, forms of negligence do not apply. The damage must be the direct result of a hurricane, flood, earthquake, or similar event.

2. How to Process?

For businesses suffering storm damage, flood damage, or other types of disaster losses, nonitemizers can make claims. Be sure that you don't try to claim anything that has already been reimbursed by your insurer, as these items are not eligible for federal tax compensation. Be sure to keep all tax records, whether paper or electronic, in a safe place. Both your adjuster and any federal inspectors will need to review these documents in order to verify insurance and tax claims. FEMA maintains a website with more information about national emergency areas, which may be a source of additional aid.

3. Resolution

Since you have access to the funds you need to resolve the damage to your business, you can begin the flood cleanup process. Start as quickly as possible, since ongoing damage from water retention may become a further insurance liability in the future. Have the contact information of a qualified cleanup professional ready before severe weather strikes.

With proper record keeping and knowledge of a few tax code details, you can position your business to take advantage of federal resources and minimize storm damage disruption.

3 Tips for Making a Family Fire Escape Plan

4/9/2022 (Permalink)

bathroom with fire damage Our team at SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick came into this home ready to help after severe fire damage. Call us when you need it!

Three Points To Consider When Making A Family Fire Escape Plan

In the event that a fire occurs in your family's Phippsburg, ME, home, it's paramount that you know what you're doing. Everyone needs to be able to exit the house swiftly. In fact, you should only call 9-1-1 and find a fire restoration service once you're safe. So, here are three tips for making a family fire escape plan.

1. Inspect Your Home

The first and most essential step to take when making an escape plan is to inspect your home. Gather everyone that's mobile and take a walk around your house. Look for multiple ways to exit your home from each room. You should also mark every location of the following:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Smoke Alarms

Complete this step by drawing out your pathways so you won't forget. You can also show this fire preparation map to visitors.

2. Assign a Caregiver

Since you're in a family, chances are that you have young or old individuals in your home. You may also have someone with a disability. If any such people may be unable to find an exit without help, you should assign a caregiver that can provide guidance. You may also want to assign a secondary caregiver in case the first one is unavailable. Make sure that this caregiver knows how to direct this individual in the event that the two are separated. The caregiver should also know the fire escape plan for the assigned individual's room.

3. Find a Meeting Place

In order to round out your escape plan, you'll need to have a meeting place outside of your home. By finding somewhere to meet, you can ensure that everyone will be accounted for quickly. Decide on an area that's easy to find and not too far away. An object like a mailbox or a lamppost is especially helpful, mainly because it provides a more specific spot. Be sure that everyone has this fire escape place memorized and has the ability to reach it. You may be hesitant to even imagine your family enduring a fire. However, preparing for one is essential. If a home fire does occur, ensure that you'll know what to do.

Why Fast Commercial Building Recovery Is Critical

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

specialists are working in restore a big company SERVPRO has the equipment and expertise to handle damage of all sizes. When your business suffers any damage, give us a call!

Why Is Quick Commercial Building Recovery Necessary?

When dealing with devastating damage to your commercial building in Bath, ME, speed is essential to the recovery process. Extensive damage can happen quickly, so finding a restoration service that has 24 hour assistance is critical. SERVPRO is the restoration service recommended by most insurance companies because of the quick response and the expert service provided.

SERVPRO Is There When You Need Help

A fast response is essential to reduce the risk of serious damage to your property. The longer you wait to seek help, the damage becomes more severe. Examples of the types of damage include:

Immediately - Water spreads fast and saturates carpeting and furniture. It is also absorbed quickly into the drywall.

Within a 24 hour period - Metal surfaces and furnishings start to tarnish. In addition, drywall and furniture begin swelling and cracking. An unpleasant odor begins to permeate the air as well.

In the first week - Metal begins to rust, paint starts to blister and mold starts growing throughout the facility.

After a week’s time, restoration will take more time and be more costly. You will also face a greater risk of sustaining serious structural problems and mold growth.

SERVPRO franchises are available all over the country, and they are always open to serve you. Since each is locally owned and operated, there is never a franchise too far away. With corporate resources always available, you will also get the technical help you need.

SERVPRO Helps You Recover Faster

When you call a SERVPRO franchise, a professional will be dispatched to your facility quickly. They thoroughly assess the situation and help you develop a comprehensive plan to remove the damage and renovate your building and property.

Industrial vacuums and pumps first remove the water, and then all surfaces are dried with dehumidifiers and air blowers. Once the entire area and all structures are cleaned and sanitized, renovations can begin.

Trust your renovations with the 24 hour service available from SERVPRO professionals.

Steps for Basement Flood Remediation

4/4/2022 (Permalink)

the old dirty cellar flooded from a pipe break A basement flood can make a big mess, but quick remediation is the key to keeping it from getting out of hand. Call SERVPRO!

Flood Remediation In The Basement: Steps To Take

There are several things that can cause a basement flood. A broken pipe, leaking appliance, sewer backup or heavy storm can all result in standing water in the lowest level of your home in Harpswell, ME. There are several steps you should take when you discover such a problem.

1. Call the Professionals

You should never wade into standing water on your own. Flood restoration specialists have the equipment and expertise needed to fix a flooded basement. Once you make the initial call, they can arrive within hours to handle every step of the process:

  • Assessment
  • Extraction
  • Drying
  • Cleaning
  • Restoration

Take quick action to get the mitigation procedures started as soon as possible. Fast response can not only prevent secondary damage from the basement flood but also makes your home livable again in a shorter amount of time.

2. Review Your Insurance Policies

Your homeowner's insurance coverage may be able to save you a lot of the out-of-pocket expenses associated with flood remediation. Call your provider as soon as you can. The company will send an adjuster to survey the damage and come up with an estimate of how much your policy covers. Be sure to have the restoration company's detailed assessment on hand to support your claim.

3. Research Prevention

Once the flood damage in your home has been mitigated, it makes sense to look for ways to prevent future mishaps. Talk to the technicians about ways to keep water out of your basement, and invest in a reliable sump pump that can quickly get rid of any water that does enter. Ask neighbors with similar floor plans about the steps they have taken to make their basements more resistant to flooding. Your insurance agent may also be able to provide tips on upgrades you can make.

A basement flood can make a big mess, but quick remediation is the key to keeping it from getting out of hand. Act quickly to get the service and support you need.

How To Prepare for Flood Damage

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO crew members remove water-damaged materials from a residence. You know that it is better to be prepared for flooding in advanced than to have high water levels suddenly affect your life without a plan in place.

Flood Damage Preparation

No Arrowsic, ME, homeowner wants to think about the possibility of flood damage affecting his or her home. Maybe you've put off preparing for such worst-case scenarios. Deep down, however, you know that it is better to be prepared for flooding in advance than to have high water levels suddenly affect your life without a plan in place. Read on for three ways to start preparing for a future flood right now.

1. Learn About Your Flood Risk

If it seems like floods are a persistent problem in your area, you may live in a flood zone. The best way to find out is by visiting the Federal Emergency Management Agency's online Flood Map Service Center. This allows you to quickly and easily figure out whether or not you are at high risk for flooding so you can purchase flood insurance if needed.

2. Get Your Property Storm-Ready

Protect your property against future storm damage to the best of your ability. Cleaning gutters and storm drains is a great way to keep water flowing smoothly outside — and only outside — your home. You may also want to consider buying a battery-operated sump pump and finding ways to protect your valuables.

3. Practice an Escape Plan

You will want to make sure that you and your family are ready to escape at a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency. Know where to seek shelter, keep supplies on hand and memorize your exit route. Contact the Red Cross for information about emergency shelters in your community, as well as suggested provisions for both your home and your family, including your pets.

Flooding is not a fun thing to think about, but it is better to be prepared than to be blindsided by a storm with no safety or storm damage restoration plan in place. Follow the three steps above for a greater chance at protecting your home and loved ones the next time flood water threatens your Arrowsic, ME, home.